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Maison Dog has re opened for Dog grooming with approval from Southwark Council and in line with the governments social distancing guidelines.


Grooming Appointments

UPDATE: We have caught up! Book now for next day appointments.

We will have limited capacity. We need your understanding and patience as Grooming will take longer and we won’t be able to complete as many due to new Covid-19 practices to be in place and adhering to social distancing. Appointments will start at 8.30am in order to be staggered throughout the day.

We are seeing  a lot of matting so you may have to be prepared for some short summer coats!

Please call 0208 2993390 and leave a message or alternatively email for appointments. Please be patient for a reply.

We are not asking for deposits so please advise us if you can’t make the appointment as recently we have had several last minute cancelations and even no shows.


Arriving at Maison Dog

To ensure the safety of our staff and customers, the following measures have been implemented.


When arriving the shop door will be closed. Please knock! Customers are now allowed into the shop but remember to have your face mask! and comply with social distancing.


The groom room adheres to social distancing. Grooming tables, doors and equipment will be disinfected through out the day


Payments and charges

We won’t be taking any cash payments. Payments are by card machine. 

Despite the extra time it will take to groom we are not increasing our prices. However, as usual, a matting fee may be charged in certain cases, depending on the amount of extra work and wear and tear on equipment. 

Thank you! and we look forward to seeing you all again soon!

The Team at Maison Dog




Maison Dog is working hard to keep our staff and our customers safe in these uncertain times. We are working with social distancing and extra disinfection routines in order to minimise any transfer of the virus. 

Maison Dog cannot be held responsible for any transfer of Covid-19.

In booking you accept these terms and conditions.





Shampoo, blow dry, ear clean, nail clip and finishing scented spritz for short haired dogs

From - Small £20 | Medium £25 | Large £30


Shampoo, blow dry, brush out, nails and ear clean.

Tidy up of the feet, eyes and hygiene areas. Finishing scented spritz, for long haired dogs.

From - Small £25 | Medium £30 | Large £35


Shampoo, blow dry, brush out, nails and ear clean.

Tidy up of the feet, eyes and hygiene areas. 

Feathering of the legs and tail with undercarriage and head trim.

(nothing trimmed off body) Finishing scented spritz.

From - Small £30 | Medium £35 | Large £45

Consultation and all 'Advanced wash and tidy' treatments with a full bespoke haircut. 
Ear cleaning, nails and trimming.
Finishing scented spritz.
From - Extra small £45 | Small £50 | Medium £55 | Large £65

(Prices may vary depending on size, coat condition and behaviour)

All 'full groom' treatments with the addition of 
hand stripping and any special requests. 
- Price on request

Hand stripping from £65

Recommended for puppies once they have been vaccinated, 
to gently introduce them to grooming and to get your pup used 
to the salon environment. Relaxing shampoo followed by a warm 
blow-dry and gentle brush out. Nails, feet, eyes and hygiene areas.

Finishing scented spritz. (Available up to 9 months)

From - Small £25 | Medium £30 | Large £35


Ultra sound Tooth Cleaning. Tartar Removal with no Anaesthetic Risk  

 We can clean your dogs teeth without vibration or movement to maintain healthy

teeth and remove developing plaque before it becomes an expensive vet bill    .

£40 per session

(multiple sessions may be needed for severe plaque buildup)



Size examples: Extra small dog: Chihuahua | Tea cup | Miniature Dachshund Small dogs: Yorkshire Terrier | West Highland | Mini Schnauzer | Small Cockapoos  

Medium dogs: Cockapoos | Cocker Spaniel | Staffordshire Bull Terrier | Small Labradoodle Large dogs: Large Labradoodle | Golden Doodle | Italian Spinone | Border Collie

Extra large dogs: Huski | German Shepherd | Malamute

Please note: All prices are approximate depending on the condition of the coat, size and behaviour of your dog. Extra cost will be incurred for matted dogs

Day care rates apply for dogs left for more than half an hour after the pick up time. Cancelation fees apply if under 24 hours notice.

All prices inclusive of VAT.

VAT Reg. no. 314823811





















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Some Examples of our Grooming.


Our groomers are able to do all Breed styles including hand-stripping and of course we will cater for any personal requests.  


For short haired dogs we can recommend a Bath and nails and for longer haired dogs can do a Bath and tidy in between full grooms.





Maintaining your Dogs coat between grooms.

Of course you’ll want your pooch to look fantastic! In order to achieve a beautiful healthy coat it takes two! We take care of the professional groom, but you will also need to groom your Dog at home.

Brushing your Dog

This is key to maintaining a healthy coat and if carried out on a regular basis ensures on Dogs with long coats no tangles and matting. You may think of it as a tiresome task but it’s actually a great opportunity to bond with your dog and in return they become comfortable in the process and develop trust with you their owner and the professional groomer. Before you know it, it will be part of your daily and weekly routine, and yes it needs to be that much, coats prone to matting need to be groomed most days!

So I just need a brush?

Well it has to be a certain type of brush and a comb. For long haired dogs you will need a “slicker” brush as well as a moulting comb or rake. The Slicker brush will loosen any knots from the coat, but it wont remove them, thats where the comb comes in to actually remove the knots from the hair, but you must use both!  For short haired dogs we recommend a hand mitt to brush out the dead hair.

So I should bath them as well?

It can be quite a job, but if you do bath your pooch at home always make sure you brush them first, as soon as water touches the coat the knots tighten and become harder to remove. If you’ve had a walk on a wet day, or pooch decided to jump into the lake, its better for longer haired dogs to dry naturally or with a hairdryer, not with a towel as this will actually help matt their coat.

This is a great job for all the family?

Well yes and no. Its great to get the kids involved, but you want it to be a nice calm enjoyable experience that your pooch will come to accept and enjoy. Remember its not playtime! That comes later!

How often should I come to get my dog professionally groomed?

Your groomer will advise you on this depending on the breed of Dog you have and also the condition of the coat. We would advise that puppies come as soon as possible to keep on top the removal of puppy hair until they are ready for a full groom. On average dogs are groomed every six weeks.

So what happens if I don’t brush my Dog regularly?

Well if your Dog becomes matted it can lead to skin irritation, excretions can become stuck which could lead to possible infection. And of course removing matting can be extremely painful. It also prevents health checks, noticing lumps, bumps, skin irritations.


Remember! If you’re struggling to keep on top of Grooming your pooch, bring him to Maison Dog for a bath and brush out in between full grooms to keep on top of it. (from £20)


We are often asked when should I bring my puppy into the Grooming salon. Well, as soon as possible! As soon as they are all complete with their vaccinations, they are ready to come in. This includes short haired puppies too. It’s a great way to introduce your puppy pooch to Grooming. We call it a Puppy pamper, a gentle introduction to grooming, a gentle brush, shampoo and conditioner followed by a relaxing blow dry with a trim around the face, feet and hygiene areas. Most puppies are not actually ready for a full groom until 9 months or later when their adult coat has sufficiently grown through. Grooming earlier could damage the coat. So its important to maintain the coat until then.


Recommended products

Maison Dog Shampoo 500ml £8.50, Nature's Groom Bamboo soft slicker (Large) £13, Grooming Comb £6, Grooming Mitt £8.

All available at Maison Dog. 

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