Grey Hound /Whippet leather dog collar

Grey Hound /Whippet leather dog collar


This collar is padded and lined for maximum comfort. 
Individually stitched and crafted to stand the test of time. 
Solid brass fittings.

Colour: Available in Black, London Tan and Chocolate Brown

Neck size: S (10.5" to 12.5" / 27cm to 32cm)
Width: 2"/5cm

Neck size: M (12" to 14" / 31cm to 36cm)
Width: 2"/5cm

Neck size: L (14" to 16" / 36cm to 41cm)
Width: 2.5"/6.5cm

  • Finding the perfect fit


    There are 2 ways in which you can determine the right size collar for your dog. 

    Option 1: 
    Measure you dogs old collar (if it’s the right size). To do this, lay the collar out and use a tape measure from the outer edge of the buckle to the hole used. This will give you the correct size.

    Option 2:
    Measure your dogs neck. To do this, use a tape to measure how you want thecollar to fit around your dogs neck. It should have enough room so it’s not tight but not too loose that the head slips through. A rough gauge is to allow two fingers to fit easily under the tape whilst measuring.

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